Accelerating Nationwide Development Via Bottom Up Approach


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For the love of Country’’ (FLOC) is a Nation Building media initiative that aims at the engagement of developmental conversations and re-orientation to generate actionable steps that will catalyze Nigeria’s development by getting our leaders/public office holders accountable of their stewardship while on the other hand instill the right orientation that will wean many citizens from unrealistic and unsustainable expectations, correct wrong mindsets and uphold positive but eroding values to propel progressive actions.

Atinuke Odjenima launched this initiative on October 1, 2020 with a weekly Podcast.

Our Weekly Podcast

Our weekly Podcast with the aim to only orientate citizens on mindsets and values to have and actions to embark on and also with the intention to voice the message of hope, unity and love for country as a way to inspire attitudinal change in citizens.

Instagram Live

FLOC on IG live engages an open and solution oriented conversation with Active Citizens who have at one point or the other raised their voices & selflessly Acted in the best interest of the Country with the aim of sustaining conversations that will birth ideas, insights, strategies & inspire courage to profer ecological solutions.

Youtube Channel

FLOC on YouTube is called STEWARDSHIP, it is to engage public office holders at any level of their stewardship. There is a need for accountability to those governed in other to truly make democracy stronger and better rooted in our country.



The FLOC Symposium on Nation Building is a yearly meeting intended to amplify the voices ofthe nation builders’ community and all stakeholders who resiliently continue to intervene andintercede in the actualization of a nation characterized by justice, equity, and fairness.

It presents the opportunity to exchange ideas and present practical steps to value reorientation,accountability and reinforce belief and hope for a better Nigeria. Atinuke Odjenima and other speakers will leverage the meeting to celebrate many voices speaking and working who relentlessly lead from the fore-front.


To be a platform to evangelize the concept of Nation Building, to identify & raise Nation Building disciples.

To be a gathering where practicable and sustainable solutions to some issues affecting National development and Nation Building are discussed.

To be a platform to evangelize the concept of Nation Building, to identify & raise Nation Building disciples.

A meeting point for Patriots to learn, connect, collaborate and contribute to the daily nation building work they do.


2023 THEME


The criticality of now
West Africa is home to 16 countries, including Nigeria, the most populous black nation on Earth with over 206 million people. Nigeria has one of the world's fastest-growing populations, with a population growth rate of 3.2% annually, and is expected to reach 440 million people by 2050. However, this rapid growth, coupled with development challenges, hinders socioeconomic progress across the African continent. Nigeria ranks 161st out of 189 countries in the United Nations Development Index, indicating underdeveloped human capital and inadequate non-energy infrastructure.

On health: Nigeria's health indicators are among the worst in Africa, with 576 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, 262,000 infant deaths per year, and pneumonia, malaria, and diarrhoea causing 64% of under-five deaths. Poor primary health care, extreme poverty, and a shortage of skilled health professionals exacerbate these issues, reducing access to care and its quality for much of the population.

On education:Over 76 million adults, and 38% of Nigeria's estimated 206 million population, are illiterate, and 20 million children are out of school. With 70% of the population being youth, accounting for 151 million individuals, 45% of whom are uneducated or illiterate, youth empowerment is critical for national development. A mismatch between individuals' skills and employers' needs compounds the issue, resulting in unemployment and a lack of productivity. Illiteracy and unemployment among youth have led to criminal activities such as banditry, terrorism, and kidnapping, as well as social problems like poverty, teenage pregnancy, prostitution, and drug abuse.

On economy:Nigeria has Africa's largest GDP, but economic growth has not kept pace with population growth. The informal sector struggles due to a lack of capital and government support, while imported goods and multiple taxes create a harsh business environment for MSMEs and SMEs. For sustained productivity, the economy needs better tools and specialization of labour, especially in the face of huge migration of skilled professionals who are recruited to other countries due to poor living standards, insecurity, and economic uncertainties.

The JAPA Syndrome: Nigeria faces a brain drain as skilled professionals migrate and are recruited to other countries due to poor living standards, insecurity, and economic uncertainties. The hunger, poverty, and underdevelopment in Nigeria have left many young people feeling hopeless about their future. Shall we be left with the worse of us?


Generate a plan to rapidly scale up nationwide efforts to equip, educate, develop, and empower citizens in 8-16 years by identifying effective strategies and initiatives for accelerated development and citizen empowerment.

Develop a model to engage citizens economically and politically through structured platforms such as NGOs, CBOs, and civil society organizations to foster participation in the development process.

Generate a plan to encourage citizens to get involved in nation-building efforts and provide guidance on how to support the government for a better, stable nation.



We are at a point, where Nigeria is calling on all compatriots to help save the future that will birth the Nigeria of our dreams.


Political Advocate & Activist


Political scientist & public administrator


Convener/Leadership Consultant

24TH APRIL, 2023


3PM - 6PM